Iris in New Orleans

321 North Peters Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

So I know parking in the Quarter can be a pain in the butt. But apparently on N. Peters St there is a huge parking lot that’s $5 for the first hr and $8 for 2 hours! That is quite a deal if you’re stressed for time or lack of street spots or cannot parallel park, ahem.

The fixed prie menu was a good deal for this restaurant. 3 courses for $20. The ambience was nice, small rustic feel with still a hint of elegance to it. It was not crowded for Friday lunch. We were seated right away and our server was very friendly but not too accurate.

I had asked him about some of the first course dishes because I had my eye on the Gulf Shrimp w Vietnamese herbs, I wanted to make sure these weren’t the bitter herbs that I’m familiar with. He assured me the plate wasn’t bitter so I gave it a shot. I was first disappointed because the dish was cold shrimp (which I think would have tasted better hot), and then the herbs were bitter.

I also had the potato gnocchi was seared and garlicky and out of this world.

My fellow foodie had the egg drop soup which was burning hot and the fish of the day, snapper. It was aromatic and flaky.

The cantaloupe sorbet was light and yet not mild. It was very flavorful and not too sweet.

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