Blue Fin Japanese Restaurant in Boston, MA

Blue Fin Japanese Restaurant
260 S Main St
Middleton, MA 01949

This place has plenty of parking spots out front so no worries there. The decor inside was contemporary w a Japanese influence.

contempprary + Japanese decor

The space wasn’t terribly large nor terribly small, haha sorry I couldn’t be more descriptive than that (maybe 12-13 tables).  Our family was hungry so we ordered quite a bit!

legit Japanese sushi chef

we started w a bowl of edmame, delicious saltiness!

edamame (soy beans)

What is Japanese food without Sapporo?

mmmmmmm Sapporo

Then our family split one order of udon with shrimp tempura (the soup looks oily but it wasn’t).  Soup was just what we needed on a cold Boston winter day!

this was my portion

Then came my brother’s chicken teriyaki (it was alright, but not that flavorful or particularly well cooked).

chicken teriyaki

Which came out at the same time as the sushi boat: 28 pieces of sushi and maki.

enormous sushi boat

maybe it was because I watched Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, but this scene looked like the california roll was duking the shrimp tempura roll.

pirate ship

i ordered the spider roll (i’m a sucker for soft shell crab), it was delicious with the eel sauce. they give a lot of crabmeat:

it was pretty hard to eat one in a single bite

too tall to fit in my mouth

what is sushi without sake?

hot sake w my sushi

after all this, my dad and brother were still hungry and ordered the spicy crunchy tuna (spicy as in sriracha sauce):

by the time I got my camera out, my dad and bro only left 2 for me to photograph

overall, very delicious and fresh. i especially liked the service (altho our waittress was kinda slow, the management were very quick. when we were waiting to get our waittress;s attn to ask for the sushi menu a 2nd time around, the hostess came over right away with it). Also as we were leaving, the hostess was very enthusiastic about thanking us for dining there.

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